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JULY 2019 

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News & Events

The Newsletter Team is pleased to announce a new feature: PBM Case Studies. Click here to read the case along with discussion points. Relevant references are also provided.  Going forward, the Case Study will be available for review in the Newsletter CE subsection.  Enjoy and share with your PBM colleagues.

The Newsletter Team invites members and affiliates to submit interesting PBM case studies for publication.  Please send to Kevin Wright, editor, [email protected].  We look forward to sharing.

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Keep your eye out for an exciting new development exclusively for SABM members, the SABM360 App – which will allow users to have updated and current links to the complete content in SABM’s Blood Management section of the prestigious journal Anesthesia and Analgesia. Since 2017, a wide variety of Patient Blood Management related articles have been peer reviewed and published under the oversight of a SABM appointed Section Editor, currently Dr. Susan Goobie. Updates will be coming soon!

- Education Oversight Committee

SABM President and President-elect Travel to InCor in Brazil

Pierre Tibi, MD, current SABM President and Sherri Ozawa, RN, President- elect of SABM, recently traveled to the InCor Hospital System in Sao Paolo, Brazil, to deliver a series of educational lectures on the implementation of a comprehensive Patient Blood Management program in a Cardiology and Cardiothoracic surgery setting. 

InCor is the largest hospital system in Latin America, providing comprehensive medical services including adult and pediatric heart transplant and other advanced medical and surgical cardiac procedures. Blood transfusion is a challenging issue in Latin America, with both supply and cost issues. InCor recognizes that a comprehensive Patient Blood Management strategy leads to increased efficiency, safety, and outcomes. InCor is looking to SABM to assist in educating and supporting their PBM implementation and adoption efforts. SABM’s current goal of translating our Administrative and Clinical Standards into numerous languages, including Portuguese and Spanish, will no doubt support this effort.

(From left to right) - Dra. Rosangela Montiero; Prof. Dr. Fabio B. Jatene; Pierre Tibi, MD; Profa Dra. Filomena Galas; Sherri Ozawa, RN; Guilherme Rabello

A Bid to Move Policy Makers to Action!

Contributor: Ananthi Krishnamoorthy, MD

PBM has been the passion of a small group of physicians in Malaysia and they have played an important role in pioneering, promoting and propagating PBM in this country. A group of dedicated clinicians, in particular our current National Head of Hematology, Dr. Jameela Sathar, has conducted regular workshops on PBM for the past few years and exposed many to the concepts of PBM. Despite these efforts, we have noticed that most clinicians and hospitals do not yet grasp the importance of PBM and thus fail to practice and reap the benefits it offers for their patients. In addition, the nature of medical practice in Malaysia is very much dependent on the policies of the Ministry of Health (MOH). 

It was with these issues in mind that the endeavor to propose PBM implementation across hospitals in Malaysia ensued. The proposal was written with initiative from Dr. Jameela and input from a group of physicians from several disciplines including hematology, Ob/Gyn, cardiac surgery, transfusion medicine and rehabilitation medicine. These are the primary specialties that have delved into PBM and are familiar with the challenges in implementing PBM in Malaysia. Information from SABM, including material regarding transfusion overuse and the clear definition of PBM, were useful in developing the proposal. The proposal was sent to the MOH and national heads of services early this year. 

A recent meeting with the officials reminded us of the challenge that still lies in winning the hearts of policy makers and moving them to action; to actually see the true sense of PBM and the need to move in the direction of shifting focus from “blood product” management to “patient blood management”. We are certain, however, that this proposal represents the first of many steps as we continue the effort to enlighten our colleagues and health administrators on PBM; an endeavor that will eventually bear good fruits.



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