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JULY 2019 

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Members / Mentors

Mentorship Update Summer 2019

Contributor: Allison Jones, PhD, RN - SABM's Membership Committee Chairperson

SABM continues to grow! As of May 2019, we have more than 540 active members. We encourage all members to share your reasons for joining SABM, how you are involved in SABM (i.e. committees), and what you enjoy about your connection to SABM. Please consider taking a few moments to film a short video with your responses and send it to Ashley Wetzel ([email protected]) or Carmen Melseth ([email protected]). Videos should be filmed horizontally and last no longer than 30 seconds. We will use these as promotional material on our social media sites.


Mentorship Program Interview with Veronica Rich RN, BSN

Contributor: Mary Ann O'Brien, RN, MSN, CCRN, CNE

Veronica Rich RN, BSN is a Transfusion Safety Officer at BayCare in Florida. Since her graduation in 2004, Veronica has obtained vast experience in Pediatrics including work in Pediatric acute care, Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, Pediatric infusion and as a Pediatric Hematology/ Oncology Research Coordinator. Veronica obtained her BSN in Nursing in 2017 and then began her role as Transfusion Safety Officer in September of 2017. 

I interviewed Veronica and asked her about her thoughts on SABM, SABM’s mentorship program, and her future goals as they relate to Patient Blood Management. 

Mary Ann: What does Patient Blood Management (PBM) mean to you?

Veronica: I feel passionate about improving clinical outcomes for patients; I feel it is important to provide correct, evidence-based information to patients on high risk interventions. 

Mary Ann: How does SABM help you to achieve this?

Veronica: I believe in core values of PBM and SABM for example, getting message out on iatrogenic blood loss, ways to conserve blood, promote transfusion alternatives, and anemia management to health care providers. 

Mary Ann: How does membership in SABM help you in your practice? 

Veronica: Through my membership in SABM, I have access to many up to date PBM resources.  I enjoy the sense of community provided by SABM, through SABM I can connect and network with people in similar roles. I am thankful for the certification course which supports my credibility in the industry.  The annual meeting has provided me with a wealth of information and network opportunities. The meeting also gave me an opportunity to learn about and join the mentorship program. 

Mary Ann: Would you encourage others to participate in the SABM mentorship program? 

Veronica: Yes. Through the mentorship program, persons new to PBM can gain valuable advice from a mentor with years of experience in a PBM role also, the mentorship program has provided me with someone to bounce ideas off, someone to get feedback from and someone who can provide an experienced perspective. 

Mary Ann: What are your short term and long term PBM goals? 

Veronica: For the short term, I have submitted an abstract for approval for the next SABM Annual Meeting. Long term, I am working to start an anemia management clinic within the Bay Care health system. 

Mary Ann: Is there any other information you would like to share? 

Veronica: I am a Transfusion Safety Officer for the East and Polk region within BayCare’s health system. I monitor blood utilization, nursing and OR blood transfusion documentation at five hospitals. I monitor blood product wastage and type and screen rejections every month. I provide live education on PBM to newly hired nurses at four hospitals. I provide re-education to experienced nurses. I help develop new learning materials for PBM when needed. I assist my team to update policies and procedures. I audit charts to monitor the appropriateness of transfusions. I coordinate and lead quarterly blood management meetings at two hospitals.

How I got started in PBM: I applied for the TSO position because I felt I was qualified for the position given my transfusion experience. After starting this role, I realized I knew a lot about transfusion therapy but little about PBM. After 1.5 years as a TSO, my PBM knowledge is decent and I continue to learn new things every day.

Participation in the SABM Mentorship program has helped me to grow in my position. I would recommend the mentorship program to any interested person. 

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