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JULY 2018

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Carolyn Burns, MD

Tiffany Hall, RN
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Sherri Ozawa, RN
Kevin Wright

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Nabil Hassan, MD

Stacey Valentine, MD

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Susan Goobie, MD

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Continuing Education

Dr. Art Bracey presents Optimizing Coagulation: Periprocedural Management. Note that in order to view the content, you will need to create a Univadis member account using your active NPI number.

Dr. Art Bracey


Quantia MD (now Univadis)

SABM continues to team up with Univadis, the largest social learning and collaboration platform for physicians to offer segments on Patient Blood Management. The most recent video, released in Fall 2017, discusses Preventing Unnecessary Blood Loss in the Hospital. This video is hosted by our own newsletter editor Dr. Carolyn Burns, Pathologist and Patient Blood Management Physician, located in Louisville, Kentucky. According to the feedback from the Univadis content services manager, this segment exceeded their benchmarks for number of views and completions. The segment had over 8,000 views and 200 comments and according to their data this talk was the most popular of the ones we’ve published so far. Hats off to Dr. Burns for a fabulous contribution! If you missed out on viewing this segment you can still view it by Click here to view Dr. Burns's PBM video. If you do not have a Univadis account it is easy to sign up for and it’s free.

SABM is working on development of the next segment with Univadis focusing on optimizing coagulation. If you have a suggestion for a future topic of interest please submit to [email protected]


Listen to Dr. Aryeh Shander with Dr. Joe Chaffin in an excellent podcast entitled Pre-operative anemia. This is the second joint podcast and SABM is looking forward to more collaboration. You can listen to the podcast here.

Blood on Their Hands


Donna Shaw, co-author of Blood on Their Hands, is speaking on this fascinating subject at the SABM 2018 Annual Meeting.

The Society for the Advancement of Blood Management (SABM)
invites healthcare organizations worldwide to participate in this week dedicated to educating patients and healthcare professionals about patient blood management.

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