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MARCH 2018

Save the Dates

New York Marriott at the
Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn, New York

PBM Certificate Course
September 12, 2018

SABM Annual Meeting
September 13 - 15, 2018


The Society for the Advancement of Blood Management (SABM)
invites healthcare organizations worldwide to participate in this week dedicated to educating patients and healthcare professionals about patient blood management.

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Letter from the President

Pierre Tibi, MDDear SABM Colleagues: 

I address you with great excitement as this will be a banner year for SABM!  We are completing our agenda for our Annual Meeting to be held in Brooklyn, NY, in September, and I look forward to this being our most successful ever, due to our growth and also our association with affiliates, industry and partners.

Perhaps one of the most challenging experiences faced when you return from the Annual Meeting is the difficulty of getting colleagues and administrators to share your excitement.  In reflecting on this, I offer a few suggestions that can make this somewhat easier. First and foremost, it can help to organize key people from your facility to accompany you to the meeting, which will make an immense difference in promoting PBM when you return. Key people can include physicians, perfusionists, nurse leaders and especially those from the “C-Suite”.  Touting the well-established clinical as well as financial benefits of PBM can interest even the most reticent of individuals. While attending the Annual Meeting, why not keep in touch with colleagues and staff about things that you learn, how your program differs from others, and of course be sure to bring back reading material to your institution, even arranging for vendors to contact the appropriate personnel.

After you have returned with the knowledge of the latest and greatest in PBM, the work begins with the confirmation of your programs initiatives and the dissemination and application of the newest and most innovative techniques.  

We are all too aware of the uphill struggles of coordinating multi-modal, multi-disciplinary efforts, especially in larger institutions. However, keeping in mind the understated and underutilized modalities of PBM today, also the benefits to our patients and institutions, can certainly make this challenge worthwhile and extremely rewarding!

In the meantime, while anticipating the Annual Meeting, the depth of information available through our SABM website is immense. Under the management of the Ardent Company, our website is undergoing significant upgrades and SABM is growing stronger. If there is anything that SABM can do to help make your PBM program stronger, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Pierre R. Tibi, MD

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