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SABM 2019 Newsletter Publication 

Editor: Kevin T. Wright
Associate Editor: Majed Refaai, MD

Christine Cahill, MS, BSN, RN
Mary Ann O'Brien, RN, MSN, CCRN, CNE

Contributors for This Issue

Eloa Adams, MD
Leon Binette, RN
Carolyn Burns, MD

Tiffany Hall, RN

Queeneth Kalu, MD
Sherri Ozawa, RN
Prakash Patel, MD
Becky Rock, RN
Stephanie Smith, RN
Nathaniel Usoro, MD
Sarah Walbolt, BSN, RN 

Carmen Melseth

SABM Officers and

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Letter from the President

Dear SABM Colleagues,

It is a privilege and honor to serve as President for the next two years. Always moving toward a more patient centered focus, SABM will continue to produce work that enables clinicians and others to implement the scientific, academic, and operational elements of delivering PBM to our patient populations.

Proud and grateful for the completion of another successful annual meeting, we look forward to an exciting and transformational year at SABM. The increasing recognition of Patient Blood Management as a vital patient focused quality and safety issue drives us all to better define the role it plays in contributing to improved outcomes.

What do the next two years hold for SABM? Last year’s Global PBM meeting demonstrated the wide-reaching effects that SABM’s work has had on individuals and organizations around the world. Increasing focus by health systems, both private and public, of the value PBM brings to their patients is becoming clearer and coalition of PBM organizations and professional societies will further this progress. SABM has taken the first step in this effort by its affiliation with NATA – the well-recognized European based PBM organization. With energetic efforts in PBM underway in Asia, South America, several EU countries, Australia’s pioneering continent-wide work, and numerous other efforts around the globe, SABM’s vision of a world where PBM is the standard of care moves ever closer to reality. Current work in translating our SABM Standards for PBM programs into Korean and Portuguese will further these efforts.

The recent update of our Standards and Quality Guide with an increased focus on the physiology of anemia and its consequences reinforces our commitment to the clinical application of PBM- related processes.

We look forward to an enhanced presence in the upcoming year at the academic meetings of other professional societies, including accepted sessions at the meeting of the International Anesthesia Research Society and the American College of Healthcare Executives. This commitment to the academic development of PBM is also evidenced by our new SABM 360 App which will provide quick and up-to-date links to the most current and important PBM literature. SABM’s Blood Management section in Anesthesia and Analgesia continues to publish high quality content. Please continue to consider contributing your valuable research and work to this meritorious journal.

On behalf of the entire SABM Board of Directors, I thank each of you for your support of SABM during the upcoming months as we boldly move ahead.


Sherri Ozawa, RN

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Anesthesia & Analgesia

Consider submitting your future manuscripts in PBM for peer review and publication in this new section. The success of this endeavor will depend on the provision of material to make it lively and attractive to our colleagues and other professionals in the field.

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