Society for the Advancement of Patient Blood Management Industry Council (SABMic)

Mission: To advance the Patient Blood Management (PBM) movement and promote blood health by providing collaborative support to the SABM Board of Directors in the joint aims of improving awareness, education, efficiency, and quality of care.

Vision: A diverse, functional group of mission-driven industry professionals focused on the needs of the patient as related to PBM. Will effectively collaborate with the SABM Board of Directors on market trends, capabilities, and tactics that support the mission. Will share information and engage in meaningful, co-sponsored projects that align the consumer market, HCPs and Industry on the tenets of, and best practice solutions in, effective PBM and population blood health. 

Criteria for inclusion in SABMic:

  1. Active SABM membership
  2. Endorsed referral from Board Member or existing SABMic member
  3. 15 minute interview with SABM President or President-Elect’s Board designee – review of volunteer position commitments
  4. Must hold a SABMic role/title while on the SABMic
  5. Must make best effort to attend every SABMic meeting (and actively participate) but, in the event that a meeting must be missed, adequate notice should be provided and provide any required feedback prior to or after the meeting and timely review of meeting minutes
  6. One voting person per company although two people can be from the same company (one as back-up)

Benefits of volunteer membership:

  1. Professional development via volunteer role, networking
  2. Access to collaborate with SABM members/leaders
  3. Opportunity to make an impact by providing input and guidance in the advancement of PBM
  4. Company exposure, examples:
    1. Newsletter and Scoop subsection with SABMic participant names and companies 
    2. Website page with SABMic members/ projects and business logo
  5. Opportunity for a SABMic member plus one guest to attend a "Meet and Greet" Mixer at the SABM annual meeting
  6. Dedicated booth time at a dedicated SABMic booth display at the annual meeting
  7. Early access to new programs, educational tools, and Board updates (as appropriate)
  8. Discounted rate for PBM Certificate course training for active SABMic members

SABM Industry Council Members