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The Passing of a Medical Giant 

From left Dr. Cooley, Sherri Ozawa & Dr. Richard Spence 

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of a medical giant and early implementer of patient blood management – Dr. Denton Arthur Cooley. His work in the field was recognized by SABM as the second recipient of the President’s Award. Dr. Cooley passed away on November 2016, at age 96 weeks after the death of his beloved wife Louise. It was my great fortune to work in the medical organization founded by Dr. Cooley, the Texas Heart Institute. Over the years – there have been many firsts introduced by Dr. Cooley including migrating from cardiac bypass techniques that obligated the use of large volumes of blood limiting access to this life saving surgery for many – particularly patients for whom transfusion is not an option. His large series of bloodless cardiovascular surgery cases led the way for advances in cardiovascular blood management that continue to be refined even in the present time. Among other notable events include: the first heart transplant in which the patient lived for more than a few weeks and the first implantation of an artificial heart. The Texas Heart Institute became a leader in this area of patient care and research under his direction. In total, Dr. Cooley personally performed an estimated 65,000 cardiovascular operations over his career. Above all, Dr. Cooley was a great human being who showed compassion and respect to all of his patients from the famous to the ordinary person. There are legions of patients -including a relative of mine – who benefitted from his excellent care. I am also reminded of how he was appreciative of all co-workers who helped his vision become reality. His recent taping for our annual meeting in Houston reflects just how engaged and accessible he was. Dr. Cooley continued to come into the office just about up to the time of his passing serving as a beacon for all who worked in his Institute.  We miss him sorely – but we will continue to benefit from his contributions toward improving our lives in direct and indirect ways. We will continue to follow the path set by him. This is the true measure of a great man.   

Contributor: Arthur Bracey MD

Choosing Wisely

Choosing Wisely® is an initiative of the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation that helps professional societies and healthcare providers support efforts to educate colleagues and patients regarding quality procedures and testing that enhance care.

SABM is recognized as a key educational resource for Patient Blood Management. SABM is grounded in scientific validation, evidence-based practices and focused on promoting the patients’ best interest through effective and optimal blood management.

The SABM Board wishes to announce that given our mission and message, SABM is honored and proud to have initiated a partnership with Choosing Wisely®. A task force will be proposing several statements from which the final five will be derived and will be surveying membership during the first half of 2017. Watch for survey details on the website and via SABM email notifications. The Board wants YOUR input for this very important initiative!

This partnership with Choosing Wisely® will help to continue the SABM mission and message of Patient Blood Management as a standard of care. 


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